AGRI NEWS NET- WEEKEND NEWS RUSH  Summary of the Week News  29th October 2023

AGRI NEWS NET- WEEKEND NEWS RUSH Summary of the Week News 29th October 2023

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Edward Kieswetter, kommissaris van die Suid-Afrikaanse Inkomstediens (SAID) se  dat ‘beurtkrag’ in die afgelope belastingjaar, die SAID ʼn belastinginkomste van sowat R150 miljard ontneem het. Eskom  het sedert 1 April tot 17 Oktober al 638 miljoen liter diesel by sy oopsiklusgasturbines moes verbrand om ligte aan te hou. Dit is nagenoeg R12,8 miljard.  Nog ʼn vorm van verduistering van kontantreserwes.  Die voormalige Eskom hoof, Andre de Ruyter, het beweer dat daar maandeliks R1 miljard by Eskom gesteel word deur korrupsie.  ‘n Nuwe kragaanleg van 4800 MW (Kusile) is goedgekeur vir konstruksie in 2007, en moes dan na 6 jaar gereed wees. Die goedgekeurde kosprys  vir die aanleg was R81 miljard. Dit is nou 16 jaar later en kos nou reeds R233 miljard. Slegs eenhede 1 en 3 van Kusile lewer elektrisiteit wat in die Eskom netwerk ingevoer word. Eenheid 5 sal Desember 2023 krag aan die netwerk lewer en eenheid 6 sal eers in Augustus 2025 met die netwerk gesinchroniseer word. Dus is amper 17 jare en R152 miljard ook in die proses verduister. 

Many English winemakers say they are expecting to harvest their biggest ever crop over the next few weeks as a combination of favourable weather conditions and expansion boosts production. Gusbourne, the Kent-based producer and one of the first major wineries to complete its harvest, said it had gathered its largest ever crop, up 25% on last year.  Many English winemakers say they are expecting to harvest their biggest ever crop over the next few weeks as a combination of favourable weather conditions and expansion boosts production. Gusbourne, the Kent-based producer and one of the first major wineries to complete its harvest, said it had gathered its largest ever crop, up 25% on last year. Industry body South Africa Wine (SA Wine) has announced the establishment of the South African Wine Industry Professional Body (SAWIPB) as a strategic asset to support the industry’s human resource and skills development processes, as well as to enable transformation of the wine industry. The voluntary, self-regulated professional body will grow the maturity of identified disciplines in the industry by contributing to its body of knowledge, relevance, governing principles and accessibility to new and existing practitioners.

South Africa is using ships to store diesel as part of an effort to ensure supply to run generators and reduce electricity outages that have crimped the economy. Diesel-fired turbines typically intended for peak use have been increasingly run to meet demand while state-owned utility Eskom Holdings' poorly maintained coal plants remain susceptible to frequent breakdowns. South Africa doesn’t have enough storage capacity onshore, prompting the use of vessels off the southern coast near Mossel Bay to store the fuel. The utility has spent more than $1 billion on the fuel in the year through March 31, more than double the previous period. It’s often exceeded use of the open-cycle gas turbines on a monthly basis compared with last year.

A significant decline in petrol and diesel prices is expected for November, according to unaudited data from the Central Energy Fund. The data suggests that the price of unleaded petrol 95 will decrease by R1.97 a litre, and R1.92 for unleaded 93 diesel is expected to decrease by around 78c cents a litre on Wednesday, 1 November. Paraffin is expected to drop by 74 cents a litre. South African fuel prices are largely determined by international oil costs and the rand exchange rate, as oil is priced in dollars. 

In the 1970s and 1980s, pine trees growing in various forestry plantations in South Africa’s Western Cape province began to die in patches. These trees succumbed to a mysterious root disease and the patches expanded gradually. Spontaneous regrowth of seedlings in the patches died dramatically. As in many other true crime dramas, the finger was initially pointed at the most likely suspect: the root-infecting Phytophthora cinnamomi. Its name – plant (phyto) destroyer (phthora) – reveals its power to cause harm; the pathogen is known to cause disease in almost 5,000 different plants. READ MORE 

The Ammonia market saw some divergence between the two hemisphere markets.  The Ma’aden ammonia plant returning to production has eased supply in the Eastern Hemisphere and prices dropped $15/t to $535/t. In the Americas ammonia moved sharply up at the Tampa contract price rose $50/t to $625/t CFR. American demand for ammonia is supporting prices in the west. READ MORE 

The El Niño-Southern Oscillation (Enso) is one of the most important climate phenomena on Earth due to its ability to influence global atmospheric circulation. El Niño and La Niña are, respectively, the warm and cool phases of a recurring climate pattern across the tropical Pacific; by regularly monitoring Enso, researchers have evidence that a moderate-to-strong El Niño is developing in 2023. READ MORE 

Climate change is a global concern, and bamboo plays a pivotal role in mitigating its effects. Bamboo has an astonishing ability to sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. On average, a single hectare of bamboo can sequester an average of 17 tons of carbon annually, although this figure can vary depending on the bamboo species. This presents a unique opportunity for corporations and industries to invest in bamboo and offset their carbon footprint. READ MORE 

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Women in agriculture deserves recognition. These women are in most cases graduated or with some form of post-school tertiary qualification and a leader in hear community, church, at the local school, clinic and plays a role in keeping the daily activities on the farm, running.A Women who forms part of the decision making on the farm, support her husband to adapt to the changes in weather, government rules, managing the finances of the farm as a business.A Women who offers an input before agricultural meetings and conferences. This Women has a direct input in the management of the farm and allows her husband to be a farmer and allows him to farm. A Women without a platform to raise her own voice.The reality is that men as farmers compete in competitions, wins luxury vehicles and invited to international agricultural trade and study tours, but never such an opportunity for women in agriculture.


 AGRI NEWS NET- WEEKEND NEWS RUSH Summary of the Week News 22nd October 2023

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For at least the past nine years, HPAI H5 viruses of the clade have been spread across the globe principally by wild bird migrations and infect a range of avian and mammalian species. The first recorded cases caused by viruses belonging to this clade were reported in South Africa in 2017. A second outbreak occurred in 2020. It was anticipated that the next outbreak would probably also be caused by these viruses and indeed the first reported cases of HPAI in 2023 in the coastal regions were associated with H5 strains. Local experts are working on the theory that the present outbreak of H7N6 HPAI was created when a low pathogenicity AI (LPAI) virus circulating without causing disease in wild birds underwent a mutation to become an HPAI strain adapted to causing serious disease in chickens. This mutation occurred locally. READ MORE 


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South Africa has registered lamb meat from the arid central Karoo region for protection under Geographical Indication status. Meat cuts from young sheep produced under free-range conditions will be able to claim the name Karoo Lamb, the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development said in the Government Gazette on Friday.

Industry body South Africa Wine (SA Wine) has announced the establishment of the South African Wine Industry Professional Body (SAWIPB) as a strategic asset to support the industry’s human resource and skills development processes, as well as to enable transformation of the wine industry.

As South Africa heads into the 2023/24 summer season, many regions face varying conditions, from poor to reasonable veld and livestock conditions. Veld fires have inflicted damage, and farmers are urged to remain vigilant and monitor daily extreme weather warnings. Most major dams maintain high water levels.

South Africa faces a significant R660 billion funding shortfall for its Just Energy Transition, despite wealthy nations pledging R8.5 billion and additional investments. Minister Barbara Creecy highlighted the need for diverse funding sources, including multilateral development banks, international partners, private investors, and the national budget.

The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) status for South Africa is likely to be renewed despite recent geopolitical differences with the United States. South Africa's participation in AGOA, a trade program that offers duty-free access to the U.S. market, has been under review. An important indicator of its renewal is the upcoming AGOA Forum scheduled for November 1-4 in Johannesburg.

In between rows of sprouting cotton crops, the dried-out stems of wheat and sugar beet carpet a stretch of farmland near Turkey’s Aegean coast, helping to lock in soil nutrients and moisture – even in the scorching heat. In nearby fields, where cotton is being grown without the protective blanket, the plants wilt and wither under the sun.

Uit die saadverkope tot dusver blyk dit dat boere in die somerreëngebied beoog om meer katoen te plant as verlede jaar. Die vooruitsigte lyk goed en die boere is baie optimisties. Daarby sê die saadmaatskappye dat hulle reeds meer saad verkoop het as wat hulle verwagting was, sê dr. Annette Bennett, uitvoerende hoof van Katoen SA.

As ’n mens net na die statistieke kyk, moes Suid-Afrika die kwarteindstryd teen Frankryk en daardie lelike halfeindstryd teen Engeland verloor het ... Maar met onverbiddelike verdediging en vasbyt kon die Bokke toe albei met een enkele punt deurhak.

Ivory Coast is struggling to sell cocoa export contracts for the 2024/25 season with multinational companies demanding it lower prices, which are elevated due to a supply squeeze, the head of the country's cocoa regulator said on Wednesday.

Ondanks die moontlikheid van droogte weens ’n El Nino-toestand lyk dit of boere die meeste somergewasse ooit hierdie seisoen wil aanplant. Die nasionale oesskattingskomitee (NOK) het pas boere in die somerreëngebied se voornemens vir aanplantings bekend gemaak.

Advantages of using urea fertilizer-1. High Nitrogen Content: Urea fertilizer has a high nitrogen content, which makes it an effective fertilizer for promoting plant growth and increasing crop yields. 2. Cost-Effective: Urea fertilizer for plant is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of fertilizers, which makes it a popular choice for farmers and gardeners.

Die dood van 350 olifante in Botswana se Okavango-delta en 35 by die aangrensende Hwange Nasionale Park en Victoria-waterval in Zimbabwe in 2020 was te wyte aan ‘n seldsame vorm van bakterieë.

"South Africa’s agricultural sector is largely export-orientated. In quarter one of 2023, South Africa’s total agricultural product exports amounted to US$2,8 billion, up by 4,0% from US$2,7 billion in quarter four of 2022."

Suid-Afrikaanse motoriste kan in November groot verligting by die brandstofpompe verwag. Die Outomobiel-Assosiasie sê ongeouditeerde data van die Sentrale Energiefonds dui op ‘n aansienlike daling in brandstofpryse volgende week van tot 2 Suid-Afrikaanse rand per liter vir petrol, sowat een rand per liter vir diesel en 98 sent per liter vir paraffien.

‘n Verslag deur die Solidariteit Navorsingsinstituut toon die Suid-Afrikaanse belastingstelsel verlam die ekonomie, ondanks ‘n BTW-koers van 15-persent wat goed vergelyk met wêreldstandaarde. Die verslag wys op hoë belasting op verskeie gebiede, wat min besteebare inkomste laat.

The global sweet potato market continues to widen its appeal, as interest in the product grows globally. In the Netherlands, the supply from Egypt is diminishing due to smaller exporters shifting to other products, resulting in a more stable market. Spain and Portugal also face quality issues due to a dry summer.

Skerp stygings in die pryse van eiers, hoendervleis en aartappels laat verbruikers glo boere maak groot winste. Die stygings spruit egter uit aanbodtekorte, en die skuld daarvoor kan voor die deur van die regering gelê word.

Suid Afrika se landbouers moet omsien na hulle gesondheid- voorgekrewe medisyne beheer net die simptome- die oorsaak word nie aangespreek nie- Die newe effekte van die "drugs' is in baie gevalle vernietigend.   Dit is nie raadsaam om wild en wakker alles te koop wat jy in sosiale media en radio en Televisie sien nie.  Kettingwinkels en Geosondheidswinkels is vol van allerhande Gesondheidsprodukte met baie beloftes. Meeste van die vitamines is sinteties en baie sleg vir jou liggaam -  Sogenaamde Imuunversterkers wat so graag bemark word deur een of ander wel bekende sanger of sportman is nie altyd so Effektief nie.  Besoek liewer 'n professionele Geondsheidspraktisyn met jarelange ondervinding voordat jy enige iets drink en gebruik.  Lees gerus die Artikel - LEES MEER 

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