Weekly Health News and information- Quanlim Life/Lifeiselect - Health  15th May  2024

Weekly Health News and information- Quanlim Life/Lifeiselect - Health 15th May 2024

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Welcome to our weekly Quanlim Life- Health information and news for Farmers and families.  

Exclusive to Quanlim Life-  - LIFE-I-SELECT
PLEASE TAKE NOTE - We only give you a message in this weekly Article-
We are prohibited by the Health Professions Council’s ethical rule 23 from endorsing, preferring, supporting or marketing any specific medicine, or medical device. We give you message with the option to "READ MORE"

Fascia is a sheath of stringy connective tissue that surrounds every part of your body. It provides support to your muscles, tendons, ligaments, tissues, organs, nerves, joints and bones. When your fascia is healthy, it’s flexible and stretches with you. When your fascia tightens up, it can restrict movement and cause painful health conditions.

Fascia is the band of thin, fibrous connective tissue that wraps around and supports every structure in your body.

Scientists initially thought fascia only provided support to your organs, muscles and bones. Recently, the definition has expanded to include the tissue that surrounds all of the cells, nerves, joints, tissues, tendons and ligaments throughout your body as well. As part of this discovery, they learned that fascia is a part of a system-wide network that provides form and function to every part of your body. It’s a continuous layer of tissue that’s flexible and able to resist tension.

Fascia is a stringy, white substance made mostly of collagen. Collagen is a type of protein that provides strength and flexibility. Fascia is soft, loose and made up of multiple layers. A liquid called hyaluronan is between each layer. The hyaluronan helps your fascia stretch as you move. Inflammation and trauma can dry up the hyaluronan and damage your fascia. When your fascia tightens, it can restrict the movement of your muscles and tissues, causing pain and other health conditions.


Please stay away from all these Quick Fixes- 

Moenie n pil in jou mond sit as jy NIE presies weet wat die oorsaak is NIE. EN......maak seker jou liggaam verteer die Pil- en lees die NEW EFFEKTE - 
Dis jou liggaam pas dit op. Wees dankbaar as jy gesond voel.. gesond is .. en Gesond lyk..
Bly weg van maatskappye wat op grond van 'n paar vra jou eie Vitamines wil meng- Dis onverantwoordelik en selfvernietiging.
BOTOX-( BAD)  you may look good-  maybe no wrinkles anymore - maybe younger -  no more sacking or hanging- but we surely want to see your expressions and emotions as well not that stiff smile. 

Certain "TAKE AWAY "foods- on the corners of the streets- very popular place to satisfy your hunger on a very so called "cheap" and "easy way. The "Drive Through" even easier to get.
The love for this chicken is all over the world.
This young nice Chicken cooked under pressure in oil- loaded with sugar and all kinds of additives to give you a taste that will make you more addictive to this destroying so called meal- filled with salt and pepper- dripping with fat and sugar sauce- and all undigested proteins.. enjoying it with nice crispy chips and a real Coke.-
The real test is when you visit the toilet- the smell of this undigested meal coming out will remember you of this nice meal that is busy destroying your body. It is a smell that you don't want near you.
BAD very bad-
This is Biofilm on its best- SLUDGE in your body- breaking you down - day by day- Undigested Proteins- Fat and sugar- together with oxidants making enormous inflammation in your body.
-WAKE UP- you will soon be in the hands of PHARMA - diagnosed with some kind of sickness with a huge name after you been put through every test they could charged you with and your medical assurance on standby to pay.
It will take years to get this out- and only one way to do it.
It is time to do a full methylation test to see what this is doing to your body.
It is your life- your health - please take care of it- and stop putting supplements in your mouth. Visit a real Professional Health practitioner.
Die mediese wereld het elke siekte 'n mooi naam gegee- saam met dit die simptome en ook sommer die regte "drug' wat die simptome gaan beheer-  Die oorsaak word nooit aangespreek nie.
Wees wakker- moenie jou aan jou neus laat rondlei nie- Alles gaan net om geld- en as jy 'n mediese fonds het- is jy welkom in die mediese wereld.-  As jy bereid is om uit jou eie sak jou gesondheid instant te hou op 'n maandelikse basis is ernstig oor jou gesondheid.  Om aan te sluit by program wat jou beloon oor jou gesondheid en nog daarvoor te betaal beteken dat jy werklik nie op eie na jou gesondheid kan omsien nie. Om elke dag 'n handvol "supplements " te neem en te glo jy is gesond is fatal.
Be careful if you commit to any weight loss programs- it is your body- it is your health- Most of these people will use anything good or bad to make you lose weight very fast- This is very very bad- in fact so bad that it will eventually catch your when your older.
You are unique- The reason why you gain weight is not important to most of these people who promise you to lose weight.
Stay away from any FAT Burner- laxatives and all kinds of so called supplements to let you lose weight- You cannot eat yourself healthy- and be carefull what is the food that most of these clever people want you to eat every day. Its is good to do any program- but not before you really know what is your problem and reason on DNA level.
Fat burners will burn fat where its very easy- the first is your brain- and this is fatal- YES- and you believe all this quick fixes-
Fat burners are not programmed to burn fat on a certain place.
Let us assist you in finding the real problem- The coarse.
A full Methylation scan and test will assist you in knowing the status of your genes and DNA. This is the only way to find out what is wrong in your DNA- No blood Test- 
and with our knowledge of Epic Genetics we will assist you in getting rid of this irritation.
The higher your Histamine- the lower you Methylation-  the higher your Homocysteine - and the result is a Income for the Medical profession and a unhealthy unbalanced body for you.
Only one way to treat it- Let us assist you.

Whatever you put on your skin will eventually reach your liver. And it seems that most of the people dont take notice of it.. women keep on putting all kinds of make up on their skins. Night and day cream and much more.
Very fancy machinery in the hands of highly trained biotitions will remove all those unwanted spots and wrinkles and alot more ...to only come back later to keep the business going.
Some of these highly priced creams is not that save and full of toxic ingredients
Very sexy bottles and nice smell.
Be aware. It's your body. Don't be naive.
Beauty come from inside don't spoil your health and face.
Uplifting your lips to make it fuller- is not that safe- the side effects will eventually catch you-  And most of these women can't close their mouth- and they cant even say certain words.  BOTOX 


Your cardiovascular system is an intricate network of roadways. These passages allow for the delivery of oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and blood cells as well as the pick up and disposal of metabolic waste via the body’s detoxification systems.

Your heart keeps blood pumping through the circulatory system, but the blood vessels themselves—ranging from big central arteries to veins and tiny capillaries—are crucial to things running smoothly. When circulation begins to falter, you’re at a greater risk of conditions like varicose veins and life-threatening deep vein thrombosis, heart attack, and stroke. Poor circulation is most common in your extremities, such as your legs and arms. Poor circulation isn’t a condition in itself. Instead, it results from other health issues. Fortunately, diet, lifestyle, herbs, and supplements can help keep your circulatory system strong, flexible, and functioning well.

What causes swollen, puffy feet and ankles? 

These symptoms may be caused by poor venous return.

Veins return deoxygenated blood to the heart, and the arteries deliver oxygenated blood to the rest of the body.

Poor venous return means the veins are not very successful at bringing blood back to the heart, leaving it to pool in the tissue around your feet and ankles.

Poor blood circulation can impact the entire body, including:

  • The Brain – poor blood circulation can impact the brain causing fatigue, dizziness, memory loss, and frequent and unexplained headaches.

  • The heart – poor blood circulation can have an impact on the heart, causing inability to perform simple aerobic activities like climbing stairs without breathlessness; high blood pressure and cholesterol, and chest pain can be other symptoms. Heart attack and stroke are major risks of poor circulation that remains untreated.

  • The liver – symptoms of poor blood circulation in the liver can include lack of appetite or unexplained weight loss, and changes in skin tone.

  • The kidneys – poor circulation to the kidneys are typically the result when there is swelling of the hands, feet and ankles. Other symptoms can include fatigue, altered heart rate and rise in blood pressure.

  • The limbs – with poor circulation, cramps in the limbs, numbness and varicose veins can appear as symptoms.


Sukses en geld- Dis is die norm wat vandag geld in die besigheids wereld. Mense vertel jou eers wat die persoon se titel en wat hy besit -
Sukses begin in jou huis- Suksesvolle man- vrou en suksesvolle Pa of Ma- Liefde en omgee en absolute "support"
Daagliks sien mens die manne met hulle sogenaamde suksesvolle besighede in die media- "Show" op alle gebiede- Duur motors- plase- besighede- en by die huis 'n stukkende huisgesin.
Jou titel- Jou salaris- jou grade en toekenings - jou motors - jou huis en eiendom wat bestaan uit sement,kongreet, rubber, plastiek en metaal maak nie van jou 'n beter mens nie- Word wakker- wat jy geplant het gaan jy oes. Ons bly in 'n siek wereld-
Jy is nie skaap om ander mense te volg nie- nog minder om aan die lippe van sogenaamde suksevolle persone of sportmanne of sangers se lippe te hang nie. Aan jou vriende word geken. 
Staan by huisgesin- en by kinders- Wees 'n voorbeeld- Wees 'n MAN -
Gaan lees maar eers die newe effekte voor jy enigsins verder kyk.
Sosiale media is vol van baie slim mense wat vir jou baie stories vertel oor gewigsverlies- duur programme- allerhande rate en metodes en "quick fixes" en in baie gevalle gaan jy weer gewig optel.
Jy is uniek- Daar is 'n rede hoekom jy oorgewig is- dalk baie redes- en voor jy nie weet wat die rede is nie- gaan jy jou geld mors... kry eers die oorsaak reg en volg dan 'n program wat presies by jou liggaam aanpas.
Jou DNA speel 'n baie belangrike rol in jou algemene gesondheid en gewig - 
Bly weg van al die programme - 
Moenie 'n pil in jou mond sit as jy nie weet wat presies fout is in jou liggaam nie.

Its time that you read all the SIDE EFFECTS if your Prescribed Drugs-  it's not that simple- it's serious. 


Suid Afrika en sy nuwe mediese wet-

Niemand in Suid Afrika wil in enige staatshospitaal beland nie- inteendeel daar is sekere privaat hospitale wat ook nie meer so op standaard is nie.- Jy en net alleen is verantwoordelik vir jou gesondheid- en daarom moes jy al lankal 'n besluit geneem het om uit die hande van die mediese wereld te bly- Jou mediesefonds soek altyd redes om jou nie ten volle te betaal nie- Die mediesewereld het jou liggaam nodig om geld te maak- dis waarom jy beheer moet he oor jou gesondheid en dit onderhou- Alternatiewe gesondheid het ook sy eie probleme- en moenie toelaat dat jy weereens op simptome behandel word nie- daar is baie metodes- maar daar is net 'n paar wat reg is. 


Never put supplements in your mouth unless you know what your body needed and what your Methylations status are. Synthetic products is not healthy, and not part of your body. You need to know what is really wrong in your body,before you use anything. Only a real professional health practitioner with the right equipment will be able to find the real coarse and not reacting on the symptoms.

Don't jump on the wagon and start drinking Methylation products- this will also be bad- You need to use the full combination to finally get all the Vitamines, Amino Acids and Minerals you needed.

Quanlim Life do a FULL SCAN - of your whole body.  BOOK your session today - 

25 years of real Health - www.lifeiselect.co.za
It's always good to see happy healthy clients when they come back and they feel better and look better. It's not easy to keep cancer patients positive while getting chemo. We always do our best to assist them and support them. To see how these people get better ..feel better..and start living again is such a privilege. They always come back and they maintain their health. Most of changed their habits and walking a new path. Satisfied and thankful for the knowledge we obtained over 20 years of practical health experience.
Let us assist you in getting your real Health back. We are getting great results on our exclusive methylation scanning  program- what a pleasure to get to the root of the problem. You need to feel good about yourself- you need to be healthy and look healthy- 
Let us assist you in getting to the ROOT of your problem
Thanks for all the positive replies - 
By ons is jy spesiaal- en wil ons jou gesond sien- Vry van al die kwale en allerhande Sintetiese pille en voorgeskrewe pille wat jou liggaam verniel en jou ontneem van 'n gesonde liggaam. 
Saamgestel deur Johann Pretorius -  
Professionele Gesondheidspraktisyn Pretoria - Gesonde gesondheid sorg- en 25 jaar van praktiese ondervinding
You can book at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Our Name on our products -  Q-JOHANN
We only give you a message- you need to do more research to understand - You are responsible for your Health - don't be a sheep to follow the crowd and make sure you know what is wrong in your body before you only treat the symptoms - we live in 2024 .
 Our own Health products range- Exclusive from Quanlim Life and Life i select
We have our own EXCLUSIVE range of  real healthy Supplements-   Only available in our Practise if we know what is wrong inside your body.
Good quality-
1) Pure Bile
2) Tissue Renowal
3) Quanlim Greens
4) Betaine Hydrochloride acid ( Exclusive)
5) Methylated Folate
6) Ultimate Digest.
7) Methylated B12
8) Ultimate Maintenance
9) Methylated HOMOSYSTEINE - Assist. 
10) Colon Assist
11) Neuro Sciatica assist. 
12) Histamine assist.
13) P5P - 
More coming up- Not available in the open market 


We only make use of Suppliers who practise the following

We only purchase raw herbal ingredients from reputable manufacturers.
A signed certificate of analysis must accompany each ingredient.
Even from excellent sources, we occasionally reject a herbal extract because it does not meet our strict requirements.
All our products are manufactured in sterile environments.
We adhere to strict international Good Manufacturing Practices.
Our manufacturing facility is inspected by the Medicines Control Council on a regular basis.
Up to date batch records are kept on all manufactured products.
To ensure safety, shelf life and stability on our dermatological products, stability testing is done on a regular basis.


Regulation 42(4) prohibits any off-label statements. This means, any indication for which a product is not registered for that use by SAHPRA – the medicines regulatory authority. Any person or entity, are offences in terms of section 29 of the Medicines Act, which could attract fines or even imprisonment. What is permitted are disease awareness campaigns, which we as a company fully support, as they benefit public health, if the public and patients are empowered. Disease awareness activities may however not lead to the support, endorsement or recommendation, specifically or by implication, of any specific schedule 2 to 6 medicine. South Africa.